Crew's quotes

During the journey, the crew came up with new wisdom. Below you will find quotes from the Wise Ones:
Und jetzt lan is s'Töffli a und flüügä öi hei
Jetzt händ mir ändli öise Passagier gfundä!
Standard breakfast time: 07.15h
Standard pick-up time at hotel: 08.00h
Standard take-off time: 09.00h
Standard lunch at hotel: Club Sandwich
Standard salad: Tuna
Standard drink at the bar: local beer
In Arabie wotsch keis Hotelzimmer mit Sicht uf d'Moschee
Wo isch Foyer 7?
Good night, Miss Puerto Rico
Äs git na an anderi Wält als Fränkedorf
You come to the tower, Sir; and you better be Indian!
Jetzt chasch uuswähle zwüsched Fuesspilz und heisse Füess
Mit Mäusen fängt man Fliegen
Since we have Chinese guest workers, there are no more frogs, stray cats or dogs
My wife is not very smart but very pretty
Hyatt in Bishkek - a webmaster's dream!!
Ich bin än global Bränd!
Wänn's nüd z'trinke git gahn i au nid go ässä
Im Iran händ's d'Religionspolizei ich han dihei d'Kleiderpolizei
It's not me that is wrong direction! It's all the other cars coming!
Ich rasier mi nüme bis i äs Bier überchummä
Night Clubs in Teheran??? - Dream on!!
Captain last day
Meeting ARS
Get standardized
Saudi Arabia
One of the Captains
Late evening in Doha
Several times on the trip
Common joke in India
Visit mosque in Lahore
Captain Tom
Sitora, guide in Dushanbe
Anvar, guide in Samarkand
Webmaster happy again
Captain in Iran
Captain waring same T-shirt
Sanaz in one-way street
Captain in Iran again
lonely planet